Love the karaoke room and listening to poppy music? Of course, there will be people that don’t really approve of that kind of music, and sometimes they can fall into the “guilty pleasure” category. That’s why the karaoke room is such a treat for those that love pop music but hide it among friends. It was only a matter of time before an enterprising developer took this idea, and started making a little app that lets you listen to your pop-y favorites. Song Pop is that game, and lots of people have found that the title is really fun. However, there are also those that have a need for Song Pop cheats to get the highest score.

The Key Cheats

Okay, to be perfectly honest, there are not many Song Pop Cheats you can use to break the game. This is a highly social game, so breaking it with that basically allows all users to to get to the top with minimal effort. There are some botters that you can use to help you out, but that kind of software is sketchy, and can get you banned if you’re found out. The best cheat you can use is to have an active internet connection. You see, the simple premise of the game is that you have to guess the title of the song being played in front of you. The best part is the social aspect because you’re made to play against people, and you can’t shy away from the challenge. This is why the internet connection helps as the clips can take a bit to load up. At the same time, you can use another device to search up the lyrics of the song you’re listening to. It’ll help you get through most of the tracks, and even then there are some songs that are way too obvious because of the title.

Cheats for Song Pop

There are cheat programs on the Internet that can be downloaded promising to let you get more coins on Song Pop so you don’t have to purchase them or take a long time to earn them by playing. This will help you purchase more power-ups that you can use for removing incorrect answers or selecting different categories to have better chances of winning the game. However, these programs are not from Song Pop, Facebook, Android or Apple. There is no guarantee that they will work. Plus, you need to be careful when downloading programs from sites you do not know as they may contain virus or other malicious programs that may damage your computer or device. Since this is a fun game, you will better enjoy it without using any cheats.

A secondary cheat is to stick with what you know. You can buy playlists on the app and grab the ones you know the most. It’s pretty definite that there are some genres that you can memorize down pat and using that knowledge to your advantage can give you that edge you want. So if you have a genre you know well, stick to that. Though you also have to be aware that there are some songs you won’t know. That’s the beauty of the game as it draws upon a massive library of titles and artists that you have to guess. It’s not really a cheat, just a way you can ensure that you get the best score for each round.

Using these two solid ideas, you can achieve a lot, and barring that, you can can also use the bot mentioned above. You have to be sure though that you aren’t doing this just to get back on top. It’s a game, you have to enjoy it because that’s the main objective of gaming. Why not just learn a few new songs and figure out a few Song Pop loopholes on your own.

If you love listening to music and you think you can easily name a song’s title or singer quickly, then Song Pop is the game for you. Song Pop is a game that you can play on Facebook or on devices running iOS or Android. Choose your opponent or accept a challenge from another player and see who will win in the game. Choose from the 3 song categories that will be given and answer the 5 questions on the game. A song will be played and a question will be asked regarding it with 4 choices. You’ll get 3 coins for winning and 1 if you lose. Collect more coins to unlock more categories, songs and power-ups. Are there Song Pop cheats available?

Song Pop Strategies

You may also use these strategies to get high score on the game. As much as you can, do not use the power-ups for removing 2 choices on the questions. It’s best to use them for changing the categories when you create a game. If you are not familiar with any of the 3 categories given, you may not be able to answer the questions as they will be based on the category chosen. If you use the power-up, you will be given new sets of categories. Choose the one you know best on the new set of song categories to have higher chances of winning. If you really don’t know the song, listen to the lyrics and you may get a clue on what the title or who the singer is. If you get it incorrectly, take note of the correct answer so you’ll get it if you encounter the same song on your next games.

List of Song Pop Songs!

If you do not want to download any cheat programs to ensure the safety of your device but you really want some help to have a better chance of winning the game, here are some songs that are included on the game. If you’re not familiar with them, you may check them out online and listen so you’ll get them when they are asked on Song Pop. We will keep adding list so please make suggestions!

Classic Rock

Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

The Beatles – Helter Skelter

Indie Rock Songs

Iggy Pop – The Passenger

Interpol – Evil

Kasabian – Fire

LCD Soundsystem – Home

Radiohead – Creep

10 thoughts on “Song Pop Cheats

  1. Why would anyone want to cheat in a game in the first place??
    Where is the xhallenge in that, since youdidbtwinonyour own smarts?? Hmm. I think i just answered my on question. People who cheat are LOSERS!!!!!!!!

  2. How is it possible for your opponent to correctly answer in say1.1 secs? I see a lot of this and most times its just imposssible for me to even get the first note pushed through my speakers in less than 2 secs.

    • I have answered many songs within 1 second and a lot of them within 1.2 seconds. How do I do it? Haha, I’m fast, and I know the music extremely well. Most are answered between 1 and 2 seconds.

  3. once you start playing it like crazy, it’s enough to hear the first sound to already know what song it is… i found it strange at the beginning too but then after a while i started answering in less than 1 sec… so well then, good luck to those who really know how to play FAIRPLAY!!


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